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noun: LocaLoqa

  1. Map location based online Q&A service featuring advanced Q&A privacy management
  2. Also with white label Q&A for businesses, organizations, and individual entrepreneurs. See current white labels here: LocaLoqa White Label Directory
  3. More details in this writig: What and Why LocaLoqa?
  4. For real estate folks: LocaLoqa Rewires Property Business Connectivity


white label logo Hi! Welcome to Papua New Guinea LocaLoqa online Q&A.

This is where you can raise your question on the map and start to get answers from people who are familiar with the given location and any associated subject matter raised in your question.

Go ahead and ask away!

member LocaLoqa is Q&A at any map point, for location-specific subject matters such as: people, object, property, store, biz, org, event, activity, incidence, situation, history, and etc.

LocaLoqa provides advanced Q&A settings for full spectrum of privacy control ranging from open-Q&A to two-parties-only, such that both the asking and the answering party can stay focused on best quality Q&A exchange.

Also LocaLoqa supports questions to be placed at any location globally, not limited to Q&A on existing google places only.

LocaLoqa Q&A Map Service Focus

Real Estate Q&A
  • Ask questions beyond the MLS data
  • Get answers from local realtors and nearby residents
  • Neighborhood, traffic, safety, noise, weather, flood, draught, incidents, ...

Tourist Q&A
  • Get answers from local folks and previous visitors
  • Recommendations, direction, supply, accessories, accommodation, driving, seasonal, hours, festival, cautions, ...

Job Q&A
  • Get answers from company employees and recruiters
  • Company insight, insider info, upcoming openings, internal openings, commuting, compensation, culture, cafeteria, free soft drinks, ...

Parents Q&A

  • Get answers from local parents, businesses, groups
  • Parental/Family oriented facilities, experience, recommendations, advice, support group, tutor, babysitting, medical, vacation, saving, sharing, exchange, ...

Campus Q&A
  • Get answers from students, staffs, and town folks
  • Sharing, buy/sell, exchange, advice, activities, events, alerts, peers, ...

Business Q&A

  • Get answers from local folks and previous customers
  • Service, practice, experience, quality, hours, cautions, recommendations, comparison, alternatives, ...

Community Q&A

  • Get answers from nearby residents and community groups/services
  • Community events, warnings, safety, family activities, housing, rental, sharing, charity, lost/found, pets, delivery, park, library, ...


  • Get answers from local LGBT individuals and groups
  • Place friendliness, experience, stories, warning, recommendations, advice, personals, events, groups, meetups, ...

Locale Q&A

  • Get answers from local residents
  • Locale specific event, history, background information, notes, ownership, usage, request, recommendation, advice, ...

Public/Gov't Q&A

  • Get answers from local folks, public services/utilities/groups, gov`t departments
  • Public event, utility work schedule, publication. announcement, warning, participation, provisioning, ...

General Q&A

  • Get answers from local folks and groups
  • Pesonal, social, announcement, notification, request help, sharing, buy/sell, ...

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