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noun: LocaLoqa

  1. Map location based online Q&A service featuring advanced Q&A privacy management
  2. Also with white label Q&A for businesses, organizations, and individual entrepreneurs. See current white labels here: LocaLoqa White Label Directory
  3. More details in this writig: What and Why LocaLoqa?
  4. For real estate folks: LocaLoqa Rewires Property Business Connectivity


white label logo Hi! Welcome to Wingsuit Flying LocaLoqa online Q&A.

This is where you can raise your question of a given property on the map, and start to get answers from people who are familiar with the given location and the property.

Go ahead and ask away!

member LocaLoqa is Q&A at any map point, for location-specific subject matters such as: people, object, property, store, biz, org, event, activity, incidence, situation, history, and etc.

LocaLoqa provides advanced Q&A settings for full spectrum of privacy control ranging from open-Q&A to two-parties-only, such that both the asking and the answering party can stay focused on best quality Q&A exchange.

Also LocaLoqa supports questions to be placed at any location globally, not limited to Q&A on existing google places only.

LocaLoqa Q&A Map Service Focus

Real Estate Q&A
  • Ask questions beyond the MLS data
  • Get answers from local realtors and nearby residents
  • Neighborhood, traffic, safety, noise, weather, flood, draught, incidents, ...

Tourist Q&A
  • Get answers from local folks and previous visitors
  • Recommendations, direction, supply, accessories, accommodation, driving, seasonal, hours, festival, cautions, ...

Job Q&A
  • Get answers from company employees and recruiters
  • Company insight, insider info, upcoming openings, internal openings, commuting, compensation, culture, cafeteria, free soft drinks, ...

Parents Q&A

  • Get answers from local parents, businesses, groups
  • Parental/Family oriented facilities, experience, recommendations, advice, support group, tutor, babysitting, medical, vacation, saving, sharing, exchange, ...

Campus Q&A
  • Get answers from students, staffs, and town folks
  • Sharing, buy/sell, exchange, advice, activities, events, alerts, peers, ...

Business Q&A

  • Get answers from local folks and previous customers
  • Service, practice, experience, quality, hours, cautions, recommendations, comparison, alternatives, ...

Community Q&A

  • Get answers from nearby residents and community groups/services
  • Community events, warnings, safety, family activities, housing, rental, sharing, charity, lost/found, pets, delivery, park, library, ...


  • Get answers from local LGBT individuals and groups
  • Place friendliness, experience, stories, warning, recommendations, advice, personals, events, groups, meetups, ...

Locale Q&A

  • Get answers from local residents
  • Locale specific event, history, background information, notes, ownership, usage, request, recommendation, advice, ...

Public/Gov't Q&A

  • Get answers from local folks, public services/utilities/groups, gov`t departments
  • Public event, utility work schedule, publication. announcement, warning, participation, provisioning, ...

General Q&A

  • Get answers from local folks and groups
  • Pesonal, social, announcement, notification, request help, sharing, buy/sell, ...

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